DeFi Crypto Options Trading

Free, instant, and liquid DeFi options trading.

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Free Trading

Maker orders are free and takers pay a tiny fee per option contract.

Email or Metamask

Connect with your email or Metamask wallet, all crypto users are welcome.

Credit Card & Bank Deposit

Quickly get USDC with credit card and bank transfer with our payment integrations.

Earn Commission

Earn permissionless commissions from referred users trading.

Why Crypto Options Trading on Rolla?

Zero gas fees

Utilizing layer 2's low fees, Rolla lets you focus on option trading and not gas. Rolla pays for all gas fees and you get unlimited trading.

Instant trades

Rolla gives you the speed of a traditional exchange, while being decentralized on an advanced, blazing fast, Ethereum compatible blockchain.

Optimized security

To keep your assets safe and secure, we’re working with leading auditors and security partners to ensure safety of your funds.

Your keys, your crypto

On Rolla, your assets, account, and private keys are 100% under your control. We provide the tools for success, but success is all yours.

Deep option liquidity

 Rolla offers a wide selection of expirations, numerous strikes and deep liquidity from the largest crypto market makers in the world.


Keeping your assets safe and sound is one of our core commitments, and we’re working with leading security partners across the blockchain sector to deliver a secure trading experience. In addition to completing various stringent audits, we also offer bug bounties and utilize top security tools in the industry.

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